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What We Do For You

We have one clear mission: to help you create a reliable income stream for life. Our 9-step I-LIVE framework guides you through this process. With our framework, you can enjoy your present without compromising your future.

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Our Services

From creating simple strategies to full analysis to see what your sustainable lifetime income success looks like, we can help you reach your goals quicker.

Lifetime Income Strategies

Introducing our flagship service: Lifetime Strategies. Transform your financial future with a powerful approach designed for lifelong success. Discover a strategic roadmap tailored to your unique goals, ensuring sustained income, prosperity, and peace of mind. Take control of your financial journey today with Lifetime Strategies - your key to a secure and fulfilling tomorrow.

Boost Your Savings, Cut Your Taxes! Our Tax Minimization Program lets you retain more earnings through smart planning.

Our Tax Minimization Program lets you retain more earnings through smart planning. Are you tired of seeing a significant chunk of your hard-earned money go towards taxes every year? Fear not! We've crafted an ingenious tax-efficient strategy that seamlessly integrates into our strategy, ensuring that you keep more of what you earn.

College Funding

Unlock a brighter future for your child's education with our specialized service: College Funding Strategies. Say goodbye to soaring college costs and embrace a tailored approach to reduce expenses intelligently. Our proven strategies empower you to navigate the complex world of college funding, ensuring your family's financial well-being. Invest wisely in your child's education, and let us guide you towards a cost-effective and successful college journey. College Funding Strategies - securing your child's dreams, without breaking the bank

Wealth Risk Management

Welcome to our Risk Management Mastery serviceyour key to a financially resilient future. We understand the importance of safeguarding your wealth against life's uncertainties. Our dedicated team of experts is here to craft a personalized risk management strategy that shields you from unexpected events, ensuring your financial stability.


What can financial planning do for me?

Financial planning empowers you to achieve your goals by providing a clear roadmap tailored to your aspirations. It helps manage risks, minimize taxes, and ultimately ensures peace of mind, knowing you're on track to secure your financial future.

How can you help me accomplish my financial goals?

Through our exclusive I-LIVE process, we help create a bulletproof strategy that is specific to your life goals so that you will never run out of money.

How do you charge for your services, and what are your fees?

Your financial journey is our priority, and transparency is paramount. We offer clear, client-focused fee structures with either an up front consulting or blend of setup plus ongoing service fee, ensuring you understand the costs involved and enabling you to make informed decisions about your financial future.

Financial Team

At Mergent Advisors, our team is the driving force behind our commitment to your financial success. Comprised of seasoned professionals with diverse expertise, our team members share a common passion for empowering individuals and businesses to navigate the complexities of finance.

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